Floof™ Indoor Reusable Snow Play Sets Plastic Snowmen Rolling Pin with Paw New

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Kids can have fun with snow all year 'round with this Floof Indoor Reusable Snow Play Set. Floof is a super-cool, easy-to-mold, snow-like material with a smooth texture. Use the provided molds to create 3-D designs. Each play set comes in an airtight bucket, so the Floof stays soft for next time. Make even bigger creations with an extra Bag of Floof. 4 oz. Plastic. For ages 3 and up.
As light as a cloud, as soft as a pillow and as moldable as clay!
It never hardens, so you can play with it again and again
Polar Babies set includes:
3 Animal molds
Polar Bear
Rolling pin with paw print design
Bag of Floof, 4 oz.
Mr. and Mrs. Snowman set includes:
3 Snowman molds
22 Accessories for snowmen
2 Hats
4 Arms
8 Buttons
2 Scarves
4 Eyes
2 Noses
Bag of Floof, 4 oz.
Bag of Floof, 4 oz.
For ages 3 and up