Happy Dog Meal Treat Boxes Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza & Yogurt Cookies Resembles

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This Happy Dog Meal Treat Box is full of delicious, human-like goodies your pooch will love. The Happy Dog Meal or Happy Small Dog Meal contains food that resembles items you'd find on the menu at a popular fast food joint. 5.8 oz. For dogs with more of a sweet tooth, treat them with Holiday-Shaped Pet Cookies (7.5 oz.). Comes ready to give. All treats are naturally preserved. Made in the USA.
Pamper your pup
Personalize your gift
Happy Dog Meal includes:
Bacon cheeseburger
French fries
Yogurt cookies
Happy Small Dog Meal includes:
Bacon cheeseburger
Chicken wrap
French fries
Yogurt cookies
Happy Dog Meal
Happy Small Dog Meal
5.8 oz.
Holiday-Shaped Pet Cookies, 7.5 oz.