Tey-Art Handcrafted Peruvian Alpaca Socks Wool Acrylic and Elastic Machine Care

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Give your feet a real treat with these Tey-Art Handcrafted Peruvian Alpaca Socks. These unisex socks are plush, cushioned and comforting, as only alpaca-rich yarns can be. Alpaca wool is nearly as soft as cashmere, but as strong as merino wool. Unlike wool, however, there's no oil or lanolin in the fiber, making it odor free and hypoallergenic. Medium fits women's shoe sizes 5-9, and men's shoe sizes 4-8. Large fits women's shoe sizes 10-13, and men's shoe sizes 9-12. Alpaca wool, acrylic and elastic. Machine care. Imported.
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Warm and luxurious winter socks
Super-soft and super-warm
Pictured here is Nancy and her son Juan Pablo of Arquipa, Peru. Nancy began knitting in a Mother's Circle in 1985 and today employs a dozen other artisan who handknit sweaters and accessories. Nancy is most proud of her intarsia sweaters that take nearly 3 days to knit. Her biggest dream is "to employ more knitters so more mothers can help their families as I've helped mine." Alpaca is a sustainable resource that generates income--and hope--for those in the poorest regions of Peru.
Medium fits women's shoe sizes 5-9, fits men's shoe sizes 4-8
Large fits women's shoe sizes 10-13, fits men's shoe sizes 9-12
Alpaca wool, acrylic and elastic
Machine care