Weather Radio Flashlight Plastic Weather Band LED Indicator Natural Disasters

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The only device you'll need in an emergency! The Weather Radio Flashlight will warn you of impending severe weather, keep you up to date on the storm's progress and provide you with light during a power outage. Features AM/FM and NOAA weather band radio. Gives an alert signal for all National Weather Service hazard broadcasts 24/7. The flashlight offers both area illumination and emergency flashers. Includes a built-in, retractable 110V AC home charger and a hand-cranking feature that ensures you'll never be without power. Has a phone charger socket for recharging your cell phone. Earphone socket. LED charge indicator. Carry strap. 11" x 3" dia. Plastic.
Be prepared for bad weather, natural disasters, and other emergencies!
Charges your cell phone & more!
AM/FM & NOAA weather band radio
Area light & emergency flashers
Power it by cranking the handle
110V Home adapter
11" x 3" dia.